Consumer Assistance

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Director's Office
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Consumer Affairs

The Director's office of the Department of Business and Industry has a number of programs and initiatives in place to assist constituents:  

  • Consumer Affairs Unit: A small but dedicated team of consumer affairs specialists and investigators may be able to help resolve constituent complaints related to deceptive trade and fraudulent business practices.
  • Agency Services: Our offices can provide you with referrals and guidance to help you obtain services from any of the 13 divisions within the Department.
  • Ombudsman for Consumer Affairs: The office of the Ombudsman of Consumer Affairs for Minorities provides education, outreach and programs for minority groups pertaining to consumer fraud and/or deceptive trade practices, business assistance, affordable housing and workforce and workplace issues.
  • Fight Fraud Taskforce: Our staff oversees and manages the state's Fight Fraud Taskforce, a group of dedicated professionals from government and private industry brought together to identify current consumer fraud issues and to provide education to inform and protect the public.

If you have question about fraud or a concern with a Business and Industry agency, please contact us today.