Department of Business and Industry Division COVID-19 Announcements (Updated March 30)

In an effort to protect the public and our employees, Department of Business and Industry offices are closed to walk-in traffic. Essential services will continue to be provided online, via email and by telephone. Please contact B&I division offices directly for additional instruction about how to best work with them during this time. 

Updates and announcements for the general public and regulated communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic from B&I divisions are posted for your convenience below. Additional guidance or information may be posted to division's respective websites. 

Division of Industrial Relations

OSHA Guidance for Protocols to be Enacted Immediately in Nevada Mining, Construction and Manufacturing Industries

March 18, 2020

Workers Compensation Section Notice: Debt Payment Postponement

March 25, 2020

Nevada OSHA COVID-19 Construction Industry Safety Protocol Letter

March 27, 2020

Division of Insurance

Emergency Regulation Based on Insurance Coverage of Medical Services Relating to Testing Nevadans for COVID-19

DOI Statement Regarding Nevada Property and Casualty Market

March 31, 2020
link document

DOI Statement Regarding Nevada Health Insurance Market

March 31, 2020

Employee-Management Relations Board

Financial Institutions Division

Guidance for Working with Customers Affected by COVID-19 and Regulatory Accommodations

March 16, 2020

Guidance for Working with Customer Affected by the Coronavirus

March 24, 2020

Collection Agencies Deemed Non-Essential Under Governor's Risk Mitigation Initiative

March 24, 2020

Commissioner Assures Banking Consumers that FDIC Insured Deposits are Safe

March 25, 2020

Mortgage Lending Division

Provisional Guidance for Licensed Mortgage Companies and Sponsored MLO's Re: Temporarily Working from Home

Guidance to Mortgage Servicers/Companies on 90 Day Forbearance and Working With Nevada Consumers

March 30, 2020

Nevada Transportation Authority

Social Distancing Protocols Required to be Followed by Certificated Carriers

March 24, 2020

Notice to All Tow Car Carriers that Tow for Residential Complexes Under NRS 706.4477

March 30, 2020

Real Estate Division

Pearson Vue Testing Centers Temporarily Closed

Projects Section Guidance for Builders

March 24, 2020

Administrative Guidance for Post-Licensing/ Continuing Education

March 30, 2020

Commission on Common Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels (CCICH)- Real Estate Division

CICCH Ombudsman Requests Voluntary Moratorium on Liens and Nonjudicial Foreclosures

CICCH Ombudsman Requests Stay on Certain Towing Operations and Fines

March 30, 2020

Taxicab Authority

Emergency Order- Disinfection of Taxicabs Required Within 24 Hours of Order in Response to COVID-19