Taxicab Authority Takes Action to Mitigate Disruptions in Service Due to Driver Strike


Teri Williams
Public Information Officer
(702) 486-0407
Las Vegas, NV - March 03, 2013

In response to the reported strike by unionized drivers at Yellow Checker Star, Taxicab Authority Administrator Charles Harvey has authorized the allocation of 20 additional medallions for each of the 13 other operating cab companies in Clark County.  These allocations, if fully utilized by the companies, would put an additional 260 cabs into service.  


An order put into effect in late November 2012 by the Taxicab Authority Board gave Administrator Harvey the authority to issue up to 30 additional medallions per company if notified of an official work stoppage.  Adjustments can be made to the number of temporary medallions issued in response to the situation as more information is known and the impact is assessed.


Although no disruptions in service have been reported to date, the issuance of these temporary medallions is a preemptive measure to ensure that an adequate level of service is provided to the riding public.  Staff will continue to monitor the strike and potential impacts through direct agency observation and reports from stakeholders including the taxi industry, airport officials, strip property representatives and the public.


The Taxicab Authority is mandated to protect the safety and welfare of the riding public.  Historically, March is one of the busiest months of the year with approximately 3.5 million visitors reported in 2012. The TA Board and staff recognize the importance of the tourism industry’s impact on the local economy and will take the necessary actions to mitigate any disruption in service and ensure that visitors to Las Vegas can easily move around the city to get to where they want to go.