Nevada Taxicab Authority Named Business and Industry Agency of the Year

Las Vegas, NV - January 03, 2013

Nevada Department of Business and Industry Director Bruce Breslow yesterday announced the Nevada Taxicab Authority has been named the Department’s 2012 Agency of the Year.  The award was presented to Administrator Charles Harvey and agency staff in recognition of the tremendous strides made by the agency working toward the goal of becoming a model regulatory agency within the State of Nevada.


“Administrator Harvey and his staff are working to reinvent the Taxicab Authority by taking a fresh approach to the way they do business. Through the implementation of innovative and forward thinking initiatives, they are well positioned to tackle the challenges of the industry” said Bruce Breslow, Director of the Department of Business and Industry.  “These new practices will ensure that the interest of the local and tourist-based taxi riding public is well served."


Administrator Harvey and his management team have implemented a number of innovative and progressive initiatives and programs to address the concerns of the taxi riding public including ongoing targeted enforcement efforts, creation of the Problem Solving Task Force, Uniformed Bicycle Patrol, and Taxicab Authority Specifics Academy and putting an order in place to mitigate adverse impacts in the event of a labor strike. 


Proactive and aggressive enforcement campaigns focused on long hauling and gypsy cab operations continued in 2012. As a result, a total of 107 gypsy cab citations and 612 long hauling citations were issued.


The growing problem of gypsy cabs and clip joint operations, coupled with long-standing issues such as long hauling and diversion prompted the creation of a special task force to confront the more complicated, multi-faceted issues facing the taxi industry.  Several top level investigators were reassigned to this special task force in July to lead the efforts of this problem solving unit.


The Uniformed Bicycle Patrol (UBP) was created in October 2012. This unit provides an advanced patrol technique used to saturate highly congested areas where patrol vehicles have difficulty maneuvering.  The UBP was successfully utilized at several conventions and events in 2012 and has proved to be highly effective in conducting clandestine operations as well as those that require a rapid response.  Bicycle Patrol Investigators are required to successfully complete a 40-hour approved law enforcement bicycle certification course. 


The Taxicab Authority Specifics Academy was developed to provide new Compliance/Enforcement Investigators an in-depth orientation and on the job training.   During this full-time two week academy, new recruits are provided specialty training and instruction on methods best suited for the industry that they will help regulate.  After graduation, new Investigators are assigned to a partner for four months of on the job training.  This program was created to ensure investigators perform their work to the highest standard.


In October, under the potential threat of a work stoppage due to stalled contract negotiations, the Taxicab Authority staff recommended the Taxicab Authority Board take action in the event that service to the riding public was adversely impacted.  Under the agency’s mandate of protecting the taxi riding public and with a long-view of fostering economic recovery, the board issued a temporary order providing the Administrator the authority to allocate temporary medallions in the event he was notified of a formal work stoppage.  The order was reissued during the December meeting and will be placed on the agenda for consideration at future meetings.


Under the leadership of Administrator Charles Harvey since May 2011, the agency has refocused on core services, embracing a quality improvement mindset and taking a collaborative approach to address ongoing challenges.  In addition, a comprehensive review and revision of agency policies and procedures in order to ensure efficiency and integrity of administrative processes has been completed. 


These collective actions have elevated the agency’s operations to provide a higher level of service to the industry and the taxi riding public. Administrator Harvey and his team should be commended for their efforts to think outside of the box and to move this agency forward.  I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings for the Taxicab Authority,” said Breslow. 


“We have worked to build a culture that empowers employees to deliver positive results,” said Taxicab Authority Administrator Charles Harvey. “The recognition of the Taxicab Authority as Agency of the Year, represents a significant achievement for each of the hardworking, dedicated professionals, and speaks to our continued success as a regulatory agency.” 



About the Department of Business & Industry

The Nevada Department of Business & Industry is a cabinet level agency in Nevada State government. The mission of the Department is to protect consumers and promote commerce.   Our objective is to encourage and promote business development and growth, and to ensure the legal operation of business in order to protect consumers.  These objectives are carried out through maintaining a fair and competitive regulatory environment and eliminating unnecessary and burdensome regulations when possible. In addition, Business and Industry is committed to providing leadership for small businesses in the areas of advocacy, navigating state government, access to capital and training. 


About the Taxicab Authority

Established by the Nevada Legislature in 1969, the Taxicab Authority is mandated to provide for the safety, comfort and convenience of the taxi riding public through the regulation of the taxicab industry in Clark County.  Today, the agency regulates 16 taxicab companies, 3,000 taxicabs and over 9,000 permitted drivers.




Teri Williams
Public Information Officer