Nevada Financial Institutions Division issues Cease and Desist Order to Collect Pros, LLC

Las Vegas, NV - June 09, 2015

The State of Nevada Financial Institutions Division (NFID) has issued an order to Cease and Desist unlicensed activity to Collect Pros, LLC.  The company is filed as a domestic limited-liability company with the Nevada Secretary of State, but has not applied to NFID to obtain the required license to act as a collection agency in Nevada. The Carson City address used by the company is a resident agent address and the company is not physically operating within the state of Nevada.

An investigation into the company was conducted after the Division received a number of complaints from consumers.  The investigation found that the company had engaged in the business of a collection agency by soliciting one or more Nevada residents as well as consumers outside of Nevada via a collection letter demanding payment.

The Division issued the May 28order that requires Collect Pros, LLC to refrain from operating and engaging in the business of serving as a third party collection agent and soliciting the right to collect or receive payment on behalf of a third party.

Collect Pros has 30 days to comply with the order and request a hearing on the matter.  The company is subject to an administrative fine of $10,000 should they fail to comply with the order. A copy of the full order can be found at

Individuals that have received a demand for payment from Collect Pros, LLC for a debt that is not owed or is in dispute should contact the Financial Institutions Division to file a complaint at or (702) 486-4120. 

About the Nevada Financial Institutions Division

The Financial Institutions Division, a division of the Department of Business and Industry is mandated to maintain a financial institutions system for the citizens of Nevada that is safe and sound, protects consumers and defends the overall public interest.  The Division also promotes economic development through the efficient, effective and equitable licensing, examination and supervision of depository, fiduciary, and non-depository financial institutions.

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Teri Williams
Public Information Officer
(702) 486-0407