Common-Interest Community Commission accepts surrendered certificates of three community managers after investigation into hundreds of violations of Nevada law

Las Vegas, NV - September 23, 2015

The Nevada Commission for Common-Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels yesterday accepted a settlement agreement that resulted in the surrender of the community manager certificates of Leslie White, Audra Collins and Ryon Collins to the Real Estate Division.  The trio provided community management services in southern Nevada through their company NCF Corporation, doing business as Associated Community Management.  In addition to the surrender of their certificates, the Commission also imposed an administrative fine of $35,000 plus $6,000 for the cost of the investigation. 


The Real Estate Division of the Department of Business and Industry presented to the commission a stipulated agreement on behalf of respondents Leslie White, Audra Collins and Ryon Collins accepting the State’s allegations that respondents knowingly and willfully violated multiple statutes of state law. Under the terms of the stipulation agreement, Leslie White and Audra Collins would forfeit their supervisory community manager certificates for no less than 10 years.  Ryon Collins agreed to surrender his community management certificate for no less than five years.


The Division’s investigation was initiated after a review of the company’s annual registration forms filed with the Division by Leslie White and Audra Collins.  The investigation, which initially set out to determine whether 21 associations managed by the company had board members, was expanded in scope after White and Collins failed to answer the Division’s letter detailing alleged violations and failing to produce documentation as requested.  


Upon subpoenaing bank records for a 12 associations and the management company in January 2014, and subsequently the bank records of 16 additional associations, the Division found hundreds of violations of law.  Violations of NRS 116 included committing unprofessional conduct and incompetence by engaging in such activities as applying only one signature on association checks, signing checks for charges that were not approved by the association’s boards, receiving payment for fees or charges not specified in a management agreement, among others. 


During the course of the investigation, the Division also found that in a number of instances, the management company was performing services without a valid management contract in place.  


The Division’s primary interest in this matter was in ensuring that these individuals would no longer be able to take advantage of homeowner’s associations using their licenses as community managers in the State of Nevada,” said Real Estate Division Administrator JD Decker.  “Their actions outside the law were not only harmful to the associations to which these community managers owed a duty of care, but to the entire industry which is designed to serve the best interest of unit owners.  The Real Estate Division will take the appropriate action to protect homeowners and ensure that these bad actors are brought to justice.


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