Nevada Taxicab Authority Board Establishes Zone-Based Fares Between Airport and Resort Corridor

Las Vegas, NV September 26, 2019

In a historic move, the five-member Nevada Taxicab Authority Board today voted unanimously to implement zone-based pricing for taxi trips between McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Strip resort corridor. The new fare structure will be rolled out as a six-month pilot program and go into effect January 1, 2020. Traditional time and distance pricing will remain in effect for trips that occur outside of the zones.

The zone-based pricing proposal was one of many recommendations that came from a series of informal roundtable discussions between members of the taxicab industry and the Nevada Taxicab Authority which were held to evaluate industry-wide challenges and opportunities.

A fixed-rate will be charged when travelling between the airport and one of three zones.  The three zones share a common eastern boundary at Interstate 15 with extensions incorporating major casino resort properties east of the freeway into the appropriate zone. 

Approximate north/south zone boundaries and fares include:

  • Zone 1- Sunset north to Tropicana; $19
  • Zone 2- Tropicana north to Flamingo; $23
  • Zone 3- Flamingo north to Stratosphere; $27

Zone pricing provides fare transparency and predictability and will give drivers the authority to make efficient route decisions based on their working knowledge of traffic. According to Taxicab Authority Administrator Scott Whittemore, instituting fixed-fare zones will provide the riding public with predictability and transparency. 

“This historic move is a significant step for this regulatory agency, and I believe it will be very positive for the taxicabs operating in Las Vegas,” said Whittemore. “Instituting flat fare zones between the airport and the Las Vegas Strip corridor provides the riding public certainty and transparency in the fare they pay, helps eliminate the scourge of long hauling and levels the playing field between drivers and between taxi companies.”

Members of the taxicab industry plan to set aside a small assessment from each airport trip in order to develop an industry marketing fund to create an awareness campaign to announce the new initiative.  

About the Taxicab Authority

The Nevada Taxicab Authority, a division of the Department of Business and Industry, regulates the taxicab industry in Clark County to ensure the safety, comfort and convenience of the taxi-riding public. The regulated industry includes 16 certificated companies which operate 3,530 taxis that must be inspected annually by the authority and employ 6,734 vetted drivers that are required to pass FBI, state and local background checks. In 2018, approximately 17.1 million taxi trips were booked. Approximately 84% of trips that originate at the airport end within the resort corridor1.

The Taxicab Authority is governed by a five-member board appointed by the Governor. The administrative and enforcement functions of the agency are led by an Administrator who is appointed by the Director of the Department of Business and Industry.  The agency’s P.O.S.T. certified peace officers investigate violations of applicable laws and regulations, conducting routine operations targeting long hauling and unlicensed transportation activities. Vehicle inspectors ensure the safety of the public by ensuring vehicles comply with mandatory mechanical operating standards. Administrative staff support the various functions of the agency and include public safety dispatchers.

1 Data compiled for July-August 2019 by Triad TransTech/Kaptyn from taxicabs using a DT-5 smart meter


Teri Williams
Public Information Officer