Fraud prevention and awareness event to be held in Reno during National Consumer Protection Week

Carson City, NV February 25, 2020

Thousands of Nevadans each year fall prey to scams and fraudulent or deceptive business practices resulting in financial loss and time spent seeking to recover those losses. In 2019, Nevada Consumer Affairs (NCA), a unit within the Department of Business and Industry’s Directors Office, received 1,951 informational inquiries and complaints and recovered more than $1.3 million in refunds and restitution for these consumers.  

We know that only a small percentage of consumers that have been victimized by a scam or an unfair or fraudulent business contact our offices ,” said Cris Williams , NCA Chief Investigator. “This problem is widespread and anyone could find themselves in this position. Our goal is to give consumers information and resources before they become a victim. And if it doe s happen, we are here to help.”  

Education and awareness is the best line of defense against becoming a victim of fraud. NCA, with the support of the newly created Consumer Awareness Coalition, is hosting a free Consumer Fraud Prevention Fair in Reno on March 2 at Tamarack Junction Casino, 13101 S. Virginia Street from 11:00 am- 3:00 pm.  

The fair will provide information and resources in the areas of consumer rights, how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and one-on-one assistance for consumers that need help resolving complaints involving fraud or a deceptive business practice.  Resource booths will be open throughout the day with exhibitors including AARP Nevada, Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Nevada State Contractors Board, Office of the Nevada Attorney General, Senior Medicare Patrol and more. Admission is free and open to all members of the public.  

Timothy Johnston, Vice President of Outreach at the Better Business Bureau Serving Northern Nevada and Utah, and Consumer Awareness Coalition member said, “ Nevada ranked first for per capita rates of reported fraud in 2019 and fifth for reported identity theft. Don’t get taken; but do take advantage of this free event that can help you remain scam free.”  


11:00 am- 3:00 pm- Resource Fair Booths  

11:30 am- Fraud Prevention Panel* featuring:  

            Cris Williams, Chief Investigator, Nevada Consumer Affairs 

            Timothy Johnston, VP of Outreach, BBB Serving Northern Nevada and Utah 

            Whitney Digesti, Deputy Attorney General, Office of Nevada Attorney General 

            Michelle Newman, Deputy Attorney General, Office of Nevada Attorney General  

            Nick Coates, Attorney, Federal Trade Commission 

For more information about the Consumer Fraud Prevention Fair visit or call 844-594-7275.  

About Nevada Consumer Affairs

NCA investigates consumer complaints pertaining to deceptive and fraudulent business practices.  Consumers that live in or visit Nevada can contact Nevada Consumer Affairs for assistance in resolving issues of fraud or deceptive trade practices involving Nevada-based businesses. Areas that NCA can investigate include, but are not limited to: pyramid promotional schemes, sales promotions, telecommunications services and door-to-door sales.  The office will also provide referrals for issues that fall within the jurisdiction of another agency or organization. Consumers are encouraged to visit or call toll free 844-594-7275.    

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Teri Williams
Public Information Officer