Veterans and Senior Citizens Small Business Loan Program

To apply:

Leanna Jenkins
Nevada Business Opportunity Fund

The Veterans and Senior Citizens Small Business Loan program was established to give interested veterans and senior citizens (62 or older) access to low-and no-cost loans for business purposes. The program is managed by the Department of Business and Industry with funding from the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. Loans are administered by the Nevada Business Opportunity Fund.


    • Micro-loan amounts from $500- $20,000
    • Up to 4-year terms
    • Interest-free for first year
    • Variable interest for years 2-4 at a favorable rate
    • Business must be owned by a Nevada veteran or senior citizen, age 62 or over
    • Other standards and qualifications apply, including annual program funding limits

    To apply, contact Leanna with the Nevada Business Opportunity Fund at 702-734-3555.