Nevada Labor Commissioner to conduct minimum wage regulation workshop


Teri Williams
Public Information Officer
Carson City, NV - July 15, 2014

Nevada Labor Commissioner Thoran Towler has scheduled a public workshop to solicit comments on Nevada’s unique two-tier minimum wage structure governed by NAC 608.100- NAC 608.108.  This structure was created by a constitutional amendment passed by voters in 2006 which provided that employers could pay one dollar less than the current minimum wage if they provided qualified health care coverage to their workers. 


The rulemaking workshop was scheduled at the request of Department of Business and Industry Director Bruce Breslow to provide the public an opportunity to provide comment and input on the existing regulations to ensure the best interest of Nevada’s workforce.


“With uncertainty of both employers and employees surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and potential impacts on the current wage structure as outlined in the Nevada Constitution, we are taking this opportunity to open up these workshop sessions to solicit public comment,” said Breslow.   “The landscape of our workforce has changed as a result of the ACA.  It’s time to hear from Nevada’s workers and employers again on this subject.”


The public is invited to attend this workshop taking place Friday, July 18 at 9:00 am at the Gaming Control Board at 1919 College Parkway, Room 100 in Carson City and 555 E. Washington Avenue, Room 2450 in Las Vegas.   


About the Office of the Labor Commissioner

The Office of the Labor Commissioner is a division of the Department of Business and Industry. The Labor Commissioner strives to ensure that all workers are treated fairly under the law by investigating complaints of non-payment of wages, State minimum wage, overtime, and prevailing wage disputes. The office also monitors youth employment standards, including work hours and safe, non-hazardous working conditions.