Taxicab Authority installs airport signage in effort to educate and inform the riding public


Teri Williams
Public Information Officer
(702) 486-0407
Las Vegas, NV - January 17, 2014

NevadaTaxicab Authority officials, in partnership with management at McCarran International Airport, on Friday will unveil airport signage informing passengers of approximate fares for specific downtown and strip property destinations.


The signs inform passengers of the approximate miles, minutes and trip cost to a specific destination via three routes: Paradise Road, Las Vegas Boulevard or Interstate 15.  The most direct route and the corresponding fare is also prominently displayed.  According to Taxicab Authority Administrator Charles D. Harvey “The posting of approximate rate information represents a significant step forward in our effort to provide for the safety, comfort, and convenience of the taxi riding public.”


Airport signage is being installed as part of the Authority’s Taxi Rider Information Program (TRIP) which was developed to educate and inform the taxi riding public of their rights under Nevada law.    During the initial phase of installation, signs will be displayed on doors 1 and 4 of Terminal 1 and outside of the taxi staging stands at Terminal 3. 


“Our primary goal is to protect passengers and ensure they are not overcharged.  Better informed consumers are less susceptible to fraudulent behavior, and we anticipate that this will improve the quality of passengers’ travel from/to the airport.  We’re very grateful to McCarran Airport for embracing this initiative and partnering with us” said Harvey.


Fares originating from McCarran Airport include an initial “drop” charge of $3.30 and a $2.00 airport surcharge. After the initial “drop”, the taximeter calculates a combination fare of $2.60 per mile and wait time at $.50 per minute.  Passengers paying by credit card are also subject to a $3.00 fee.


The public is encouraged to provide comment and feedback about the signs to the Taxicab Authority.


In addition, passengers that wish to submit a complaint, concern or compliment can do so by calling (702) 668-4005, emailing or downloading a complaint form from the website at  Passengers should provide as much information as possible including: the date and time of the incident, witnesses to the events, cab company name, cab number, driver’s name and permit number.


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