Consumer Assistance

The Director's Office of the Department of Business and Industry has several programs and initiatives to provide assistance to constituents.

  • Nevada Consumer Affairs: The Office of Nevada Consumer Affairs investigates consumer complaints pertaining to deceptive and fraudulent business practices. Consumers that live in or visit Nevada can contact NCA for assistance in resolving issues involving Nevada-based businesses. Areas that NCA can investigate include, but are not limited to: pyramid promotional schemes, sales promotions, telecommunications services and door-to-door sales. The office will also provide referrals for issues that fall under the jurisdiction of another agency.
  • Business and Industry Divisions: The Director's Office can provide you with referral and guidance to help you obtain services from any of the 11 divisions within the Department.
  • Ombudsman of Consumer Affairs for Minorities: The office of the Ombudsman of Consumer Affairs for Minorities provides education, outreach and programs for minority groups pertaining to consumer fraud and/or deceptive trade practices, business assistance, affordable housing and workforce and workplace issues.

If you have question about fraud or a concern with a Business and Industry agency, please contact us today.



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