Nevada NMTC CDE Allocatees


Advantage Capital Community Development Fund LLC

Leah Hendricks, (775) 409-3266

We are looking for businesses that are ready for growth, and managers and owners with passion and vision for their businesses. We want to help businesses grow with flexible solutions suitable for a broad range of industries- whether the business creates, distributes, manufactures, or disrupts. 

Range of investment: $2-10 million. Advantage is able to pair other capital in conjunction with state NMTC to consider larger transactions.

AMCREF Community Capital

Cliff Kenwood, (504) 593-8247

AMCREF Community Capital is an impact-driven specialty finance firm financing innovative businesses that create quality jobs, environmental benefits and economic opportunities in local communities. Businesses financed include startups, for-profits, non-profits, and incumbent businesses seeking financing to grow and expand.

Range of investment: $2-10 million

Brownfield Revitalization LLC

Phil Aftuck, (202) 478-7542

Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA)

Kerwin Tesdell, (212) 597-6747

We focus on growth-oriented businesses, primarily manufacturing/industrial or technical services focused that offer accessible, quality employment to the low-income community. 

Range of investment: $2-10 million. CDVCA has capital from other funds that may be available for larger transactions. 

Central States Development Partners, Inc.

Cindy Berg, (309) 794-6711

Central States Development Partners, Inc. is seeking to work primarily in minor-metro regions with highly distressed census tracts with a focus given to manufacturing/industrial, health care, healthy food and community facilities. 

Investment range: $2.9 to 6.9 million

Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution

Jay Harrison, (949) 528-3069
Clearinghouse CDFI intends to invest in a wide ranged of impactful projects to bring new jobs and improve the quality of life in Nevada's communities. Historically, we have focused on the new construction of community centers or buildings for facilities created to promote new and expanding businesses.

Consortium America, LLC

Phil Aftuck, (202) 478-7542

Enhanced Community Development

Paul Kasper (646) 829-3629

Enhanced Community Development provides subsidized small business loans. We are agnostic but want to partner with experienced managers who have demonstrated success in leading a business. In general, we are searching for established businesses that have a product or service for which they are generating revenue. 

Investment range: $750,000- 2.5 million

Additional contact: Richard Montgomery, (504) 569-7904, 

Hampton Road Ventures LLC

Jennifer Donohue, (757) 962-1556

We are looking for companies seeking capital for growth, with particular emphasis on new job creation. Target industries include, but are not limited to health care, technology, manufacturing and distribution.

Investment range: $1.5- 3 million

KHC New Markets Fund CDE LLC

David Carr, (760)822-6911

We're focused on supporting the creation of high-quality jobs through investments in a wide range of growth-focused industries including manufacturing, technology, distribution and more. 

Investment range: $2-7 million. KHC has capital in addition to the current NMTC allocation available for investment in Nevada. 

National Cities Fund LLC

Christopher R. Connolly, (504) 679-5063

We invest in businesses and organizations that elevate the urban experience through innovation, creativity and hospitality in their community. Growing companies and their owner-occupied real estate projects across a broad range of industries will be considered.

Investment range: $2-3 million

National Community Fund 1 LLC

Shelly Crowder, (503) 546-5674

NCF provides NMTC financing to real estate projects, manufacturing plants and community facilities. NCF prioritizes projects based on their ability to create quality accessible jobs and increase access to high-quality commercial and community services for low-income families.

Investment range: $500,000 to $2,941,176

Pacesetter CDE, Inc.

Matt Malcom, (512) 466-0236

Pacesetter is looking for high-impact community development deals in qualifying locations but is not focused on any specific industry.

Range of investment: $2.9 million+

Prestamos CDFI

Teresa Miranda, (602) 257-6757

Prestamos CDFI is seeking investments in businesses that create quality jobs in highly distressed areas with an emphasis in manufacturing and health care industries.

Investment range: $500,000 +

Stonehenge Community Development LLC

Ryan Congrove, (614) 545-7248

Stonehenge is actively seeking to invest in a diversified portfolio of small businesses with regard to industry and state of development. We are focused on providing long-term growth capital at below market rates to businesses that will have meaningful job creation and spur economic impact in Nevada's low-income communities.

Investment range: $1-2.9 million

Additional contact: L'Quentus Thomas, (614) 545-7244,

Urban Action Community Development (UACD)

Tabitha Atkins, (443) 577-4386

UACD is a Baltimore-based national CDE that seeks to transform distressed urban neighborhoods by investing in catalytic projects that create accessible, career-track jobs with an emphasis on projects promote access to healthy foods (retail, production and distribution), health care (primary, behavioral health and drug treatment facilities), commercial real estate in university-anchored districts, and manufacturing/industrial projects. 

Range of investment: $5-50 million

The Value Advisor Fund (VAF)

Mike Kwiatokowski, (414) 777-5502

The VAF will fund businesses in highly distressed areas that create jobs and/or provide vital goods and services, with an emphasis on rural areas. These businesses must specifically demonstrate their capacity to employ and/or provide needed access to goods for low-income people and low-income community residents.

Investment range: $500,000 +