Division of Industrial Relations to open inquiry following death of cryotherapy center employee

Las Vegas, NV - October 28, 2015

Following the tragic death of an employee at local cryotherapy center Rejuvenice last week, State of Nevada Division of Industrial Relations officials have initiated a comprehensive review of industry safety standards and practices. The review will ensure that businesses using cryotherapy equipment in Nevada have proper safety procedures in place to protect the public from possible harm.

Based on developing information brought to light during the course of the investigation by the Division and other agencies, questions about public and workplace safety within this relatively new industry have lingered,” said Division of Industrial Relations Administrator Steve George. “The information obtained during this inquiry will aid Nevada OSHA in the future to ensure that Nevada businesses are utilizing best practices and industry-specific safety standards.”

On October 20, Nevada OSHA, a unit of the Division of Industrial Relations responded to the business to conduct a fatality investigation after being notified by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.  During the course of the investigation, officials learned that the employee had entered the premises after business hours and entered the cryotherapy chamber for personal use which led to the situation that caused her death.

During a separate investigation, the Division discovered the business has not purchased workers' compensation insurance for its employees. As a result, The Division’s Workers' Compensation Section has issued a stop work order for the company’s three Clark County locations pending further notice. The stop work order can be lifted if and when the business provides proof of a valid workers compensation insurance policy. In addition to a stop work order, employers that do not obtain the required workers compensation insurance coverage are subject to administrative fines of up to $15,000 and premium penalties for missed premium payments.  The employer can also be held financially responsible for all costs arising from a work-related injury and potentially subject to criminal penalties under NRS 616D.200 .

The mission of the Division of Industrial Relations, an agency of the Department of Business and Industry, is to promote the health and safety of Nevada employees and ensure injured employees receive all benefits to which they are entitled.


Teri Williams
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