Nevada Consumer Affairs to host free Consumer Fraud Prevention Fair in Carson City March 8

Fair to take place as part of National Consumer Protection Week March 5-11

Carson City, NV - March 01, 2017

Chances are, you have been a target of a scam, or know of someone that has been caught up in a scheme that has resulted in financial loss and the stress of being victimized.  There is no shortage of predators looking to make an easy buck off of unsuspecting consumers.  And while some fraud attempts are obvious, others can be cleverly disguised and can look like legitimate offers.   

By the time you’ve heard about a particular scam on the news or from a neighbor, the fraudsters have moved on to a new scheme.  So what can you do to protect yourself against becoming a victim of a fraud?  Where do you turn to get information about a company’s reputation before you sign a contract for a product or service?  What community resources are available if you need help?  

National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), March 5-11, was established to help bring awareness and education to help people understand their rights as a consumer, how to make well-informed decisions about personal security, what steps you should take if you come across a scam, and what resources are available in your local community.  

In conjunction with NCPW, Nevada Consumer Affairs (NCA), a unit of the Department of Business and Industry, is hosting a FREE Consumer Fraud Prevention Fair on Wednesday, March 8 at The Studio at Adams Hub, 111 W. Proctor Street in Carson City from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.   

A resource expo will be held throughout the day with participation from AARP Nevada, Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Home Again, Senior Medicare Patrol, Washoe Legal Services, Nevada Consumer Affairs, Division of Insurance, Real Estate Division and the Office of the Nevada Attorney General.   

A fraud prevention panel discussion is scheduled for 11:00 am with representatives from Nevada Consumer Affairs, Office of the Nevada Attorney General, Carson City Sheriff’s Office and Senior Medicare Patrol.  The panel will discuss the most relevant scams and issues being reported to their organizations and will provide tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones and your rights as a consumer.   

About Nevada Consumer Affairs

NCA investigates consumer complaints pertaining to deceptive and fraudulent business practices.  Consumers that live in or visit Nevada can contact Nevada Consumer Affairs for assistance in resolving issues of fraud or deceptive trade practices involving Nevada-based businesses. Areas that NCA can investigate include, but are not limited to: pyramid promotional schemes, sales promotions, telecommunications services and door-to-door sales.  The office will also provide referrals for issues that fall within the jurisdiction of another agency or organization.  

In 2016, NCA assisted approximately 2,000 consumers , with the top category of complaints involving product purchases .  Of all complaints received and processed through a formal investigation, NCA investigators were able to recover nearly $200,000 for consumers.      

We know that thousands of Nevadans are targeted by scams and fall prey to unfair or fraudulent business practices every year ,” said Cris Carmona, NCA Chief Investigator. “In addition to processing and resolving consumer complaints, we are also are focused on educating consumers before they become victims.  But in the event that it does happen, we are here to help.”  

Consumers are encouraged to visit or callthe office for assistance at (775) 684-1910 or toll free 844-594-7275.    

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Teri Williams
Public Information Officer