Common-Interest Community Commission assesses fines, costs and restitution of more than $2 million against former community association manager Leslie White

Las Vegas, NV - July 06, 2017

The Nevada Commission for Common-Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels (“Commission”) last week found former community association manager Leslie White had violated 15 state laws and regulations hundreds of times and defrauded 34 Las Vegas homeowners associations of approximately $1,642,451 over a 3 year period by making unauthorized withdrawals from association accounts.  The Commission assessed administrative fines and fees totaling $1,104,894 and ordered payment of $1,642,451 in restitution to the 34 homeowners associations.

In September 2015, White surrendered her Community Association Manager (CAM) certificate, along with those of Audra Collins and Ryon Collin to the Nevada Real Estate Division (“Division”) after an investigation of their company, Associated Community Management, found hundreds of violations of law. The investigation, at the time involving 21 homeowners associations, found that White and her associates had committed unprofessional conduct and incompetence by engaging in such activities as applying only one signature on association checks, signing checks for charges that were not authorized by the association’s boards, receiving payment for fees or charges not specified in a management agreement, and performing services without a valid management contract in place.  The Commission accepted a stipulated agreement on behalf of White and the Collins’ that accepted the Division’s findings, resulting in the CAM certificate surrender and the assessment of $41,000 in fines and fees.

After surrendering her CAM certificate in September 2015, Leslie White switched her business name (DBA) from Associated Community Management to Path Community Management, and hired two licensed community association managers in October 2015. After documents provided to the Division by the licensed employees were reviewed, the Division found financial discrepancies that showed Path Community Management was paid in excess of its contract for virtually every association it managed. The Division’s review also found that White was controlling the associations’ bank accounts and financial records without a CAM certificate. The two licensed employees voluntarily terminated their employment with the company in 2016 and the Division issued a cease and desist order to White in August 2016 directing her to stop providing unlicensed community management services.  

During the June 27 Commission hearing, the Division presented the findings of its multi-year investigation beginning in 2014 which found multiple violations of law involving tens of associations during White’s tenure at Associated Community Management, as well as finding hundreds of additional violations of law, fraud and unlicensed activity when she operated under the name Path Community Management, all told involving 34 associations. The Commission fined White $1,014,100 for engaging in management of a homeowners association without a community manager certificate, $75,000 for hundreds of violations of NRS and NAC 116 committed, $15,793 for attorney’s fees and the cost of the investigation and restitution totaling $1,642,451 to the 34 homeowners associations as follows:

    Alterra Homeowners Association- $19,592.71

    Amber Wood Homeowners Association- $36,535.33

    Avignon Homeowners Association- $22,980.36

    Avila Court Homeowners Association- $22,980.36

    Bella Lago Homeowners Association- $83,900.14

    Benton Homeowners Association- $30,485.73

    Bonita Vista Homeowners Association- $34,893.77

    Brighton Homeowners Association- $35,873.21

    Calabria Homeowners Association- $36,353.90

    Carmel Ridge Homeowners Association- $42,346.78

    Centennial and Lamb Association- $75,958.23

    Chatham Hills Homeowners Association- $81,207.34

    Cherry Lane Homeowners Association- $81,207.34

    Country Glen Homeowners Association- $27,208.24

    Crestwood Homeowners Association- $9,000.00

    Cumberland Homeowners Association- $26,448.00

    Fiore Homeowners Associatin- $78,984.92

    Greenwood Homeowners Association- $19,650.00

    Hillcrest Homeowners Association- $6,980.00

    La Siena Homeowners Association- $56,763.41

    Manchester Homeowners Association- $159,495.74

    Mesa Verde Homeowners Association- $36,175.54

    Moreno Homeowners Association- $91,114.62

    Murano Homeowners Association- $62,897.04

    Newbury Homeowners Association- $75,795.43

    Paloma Homeowners Association- $35,063.94

    Pinecrest Homeowners Association- $43,813.86

    Sheffield Homeowners Association- $21,971.60

    Somerset Landscape Maintenance Association- $15,653.17

    Sterling Court Homeowners Association- $53,856.06

    Sunrise Valley Homeowners Association- $87,050.91

    Terraza Homeowners Association- $32,350.00

    Trailwood Homeowners Association- $13,622.50

    Whisper Rock Homeowners Association- $59,822.42


The Nevada Real Estate Division has referred the case to the attorney general’s office for review.

About the Nevada Real Estate Division:

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Teri Williams
Public Information Officer