Taxicab Authority Board Approves Temporary F1 Surcharge

Las Vegas, NV October 30, 2023

The Taxicab Authority (TA) Board has approved a pilot program instituting a temporary surcharge of $15 to be applied to all fares originating or ending within the existing tiered flat rate zones that operate along the airport/resort corridor beginning noon on Wednesday, November 15 and concluding at noon on Tuesday, November 21.

The rates during the pilot program for travel between the airport and flat rate airport/resort corridor zones are as follows:

   Zone 1- Sunset North to Tropicana: $37

   Zone 2- Tropicana North to Flaming: $41

  Zone 3- Flaming North to Strat: $45

For rides that originate or end within one of the three identified zones or the airport property, the surcharge will also apply and will be added to the metered rate. For example, a fare originating at the airport and terminating at an address in Henderson would be assessed the $15 surcharge. Likewise, a fare originating from an address in North Las Vegas and terminating at the MGM Grand (which falls within Zone 1) is subject to the surcharge. 

The TA Board’s five-member panel agreed that the surcharge was a necessary step to encourage full workforce participation by permitted taxicab drivers to provide adequate services to the traveling public during the period surrounding the Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Industry representatives testified during the board meeting held on Wednesday, October 18 that 100% of the fee would pass through to lessees and the fee for employee-drivers would be incorporated into the cab company’s existing meter commission payout percentage(s).

The Board also ordered the companies to report data to agency staff by or before December 5, 2023, regarding the total number of rides provided during the F1 surcharge period including a comparison of the ride totals during the same time period during 2022, and the breakdown of zoned fares vs. non-zoned fares. The information collected will be presented to the board and used during discussion and deliberation about implementing a special event surcharge during future events.

About the Taxicab Authority

The Nevada Taxicab Authority, a division of the Department of Business and Industry, regulates the taxicab industry in Clark County to ensure the safety, comfort, and convenience of the taxi-riding public. The regulated industry includes 16 certificated companies which operate 2,765 taxis that must be inspected annually by the authority and employ 4,447 vetted drivers that are required to pass FBI, state, and local background checks.

The Taxicab Authority is governed by a five-member board appointed by the Governor. The administrative and enforcement functions of the agency are led by an administrator who is appointed by the Director of the Department of Business and Industry.  The agency’s P.O.S.T. certified peace officers investigate violations of applicable laws and regulations. Vehicle inspectors ensure the safety of the public by ensuring vehicles comply with mandatory mechanical operating standards. Administrative staff support the various functions of the agency and include public safety dispatchers.

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Teri Williams
Public Information Officer